Working with brands

Alongside my own research and writing practice, I work with arts organisations and emerging brands providing communications strategy, brand story telling and content production.

I am interested in people and want to work with brands and organisations who are challenging, disruptive and cultural change-makers. Particularly those who are giving voices to women and marginalised groups of society.

In return, I bring extensive editorial and journalistic writing experience together with a broad understanding of strategic communications and brand storytelling.


  • Strategic communications
  • Brand storytelling and tone of voice
  • Content creation and copywriting
  • Press and media relations and brand partnerships

Previous and existing include

  • Alpha Industries
  • University of the Arts London (UAL)
  • London College of Fashion
  • Centre for Fashion Enterprise
  • Marta Jakubowski
  • Roberta Einer
  • Ciaran Moore
  • Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts
  • Ditto Press
  • Concentric Circle Theatre Company
  • Wax London
  • CultureLabel
  • Object Studio

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Concentric Circles theatre company

Can We Talk About Love I was involved in the bid and securing of Arts Council funding for Concentric Circles’ digital theatre programme during the pandemic titled Can We Talk About Love. This involved drafting press releases, overseeing social media, producing rich content, liaising with press and seeding stories and working on the messaging and … Continue reading Concentric Circles theatre company

Centre for Fashion Enterprise

In my role as Press Officer, I ideated and organised Centre for Fashion Enterprise’s first ever press breakfast, with that year’s cohort of designers including Charles Jeffrey. This included drafting press releases, inviting press, seeding stories, running the operations and liaising with venues and guests. Read more

NEOUS: SS 2021 Bags

Press release for NEOUS SS21 bags

NEOUS: SS 2021 footwear

Press release for NEOUS SS21 footwear

NEOUS Summer 20

This collection is guided by openness––evokes a kind of freedom. Napa leather plays out in tones of earth ground and deep ocean blue. Light hours of smooth nothingness end, leaving sweet nostalgia for bygone days, in the solid rounded leather heel of Epige, and in the plexi orb heel of Calpa––its parched cream and banana––refracting … Continue reading NEOUS Summer 20


The NEOUS woman is wholeness made of parts, like the day stirring night to light. And this season evokes her cosmos––layered, changeable––at once sharp-angled, at once rippling. A deep exploration of sensuality and touch defines it, in the ripple and the fold of Phinia, Chondro, Chopsis, where Napa leather is crumpled cloth and in the … Continue reading NEOUS: SPRING 2020

Alpha Stories: the history and cultural signification of military apparel in fashion

I spoke to Alpha Industries about the history of the bomber jacket and military apparel in fashion. Military outerwear is so much about function and survival, which seems apt for right now: we’re facing environmental uncertainty while technology is enabling us to ‘do more’ with our minds and bodies in our daily lives. Fashion always … Continue reading Alpha Stories: the history and cultural signification of military apparel in fashion

B34 – immersive virtual textiles environment

The earth beneath your boot is dry, it is matter cracked by thirst. There is an absence here, this is a pillaged place deteriorating into nowhere. You must leave this cracked earth, for liquid, for light. A new dawn. Enter Observe the horizon. Distant line-break: crater, mountain, augmented terrain. Now pause and watch it dissolve … Continue reading B34 – immersive virtual textiles environment

Marta Jakubowski AW19

  She is the erotogeneity of the heterogeneous: airborne swimmer, in flight, she does not cling to herself; she is dispersible, prodigious, stunning, desirous and capable of others, of the other woman that she will be, of the other woman she isn’t, of him, of you. Swathes of wool and padded fabric encase her, goddess … Continue reading Marta Jakubowski AW19

Marta Jakubowski AW18 – Press Release

‘It’s all about my woman. She exists somewhere in my head and is growing every season’ ‘I‘m every woman, it‘s all in me Anything you want done, baby, I‘ll do it naturally’ Recall the video for Whitney Houston’s ‘I’m every woman’? Her sassy smile and pregnant belly. For AW18, Marta Jakubowski celebrates women – our … Continue reading Marta Jakubowski AW18 – Press Release

Roberta Einer Press Copy AW16

Roberta Einer AW16 press release

Roberta Einer Press Copy

SS16 Roberta Steiner SS16 Press Release For The Bridge Co.