B34 – immersive virtual textiles environment

The earth beneath your boot is dry, it is matter cracked by thirst. There is an absence here, this is a pillaged place deteriorating into nowhere. You must leave this cracked earth, for liquid, for light. A new dawn.


Observe the horizon. Distant line-break: crater, mountain, augmented terrain. Now pause and watch it dissolve in a maze of collapsing lines and you may lose any sense of above and below, of before and after, of yourself and your boundaries. 

Drop down. You are falling,, your field of vision consumed by mutating crystal forming not walls but stalictic matter, finite matter, amongst cold earth and damp stone. These rough particles are slipping, or you’re slipping. Space dissolves into mayhem on the unstable and treacherous surface of an unpredictable sea. Absorb the potential of somewhere knowable soon.

Accelerate. Hurtling towards Somewhere, temporal and material moments, sometimes overlapping, flash bright light and fizzle out, destabilizing the observer’s perspective and breaking down linear time. Viewed from above or below, layers of textural meaning seep together forming a singular moment. Select it. Then let it slip into infinity.

Yield to the sensation. That loss of stasis, that multiplication and de-linearization. We no longer know whether we are objects or subjects as we spiral down in an imperceptible free fall. We fall towards a textural plain that replaces the distant line with an unmeasurable mass. Fall, through the amorphous watery depths of vision and sensation, allow it to roll off your surface. A fall toward objects without reservation, embracing a world of forces and matter, which lacks any original stability and sparks the sudden shock of the open. 

Boundary-less, you concede towards shifting formations of your own making. Tilt your head. Select.



By Rosie Higham-Stainton for B34, a project by Ciaran Moore.

Extracts from Hito Steyerl’s ‘In Free Fall: A Thought Experiment on Vertical Perspective’

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