East End Review: Louise Alsop

June 2015

East London designers to watch: Louise Alsop in East End Review

Louise Alsop AW15

You use a lot of layering techniques. What got you interested in this?

 I really like being able to mix sheer and light fabrics with heavy and matte ones, so I think the layering came from this — seeing fabrics sitting together and complementing each other. I also like things to be really tactile and want people to want to touch my clothes.

Tell us about your use of branding and logos.

I’m obsessed with logos and fonts and graphics and I’m constantly playing around with them. I want this to always be strong and when people see my work, for it to be instantly identifiable. I spend a lot of time getting this right and working out new and interesting ways to do so. I’ll often create seasonal logos, which makes each collection special. It also makes them of a time.

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