Let’s Be Brief: Designing our identities

October 2014


Never have our identities, or perceived identities, been so malleable. Over time social media platforms such as My Space and Facebook, have allowed us to build our own profile, which can feature a considered selection of ‘like’s, be it books – insert numerous references by my generation to On the Road by Jack Karouac – or music, businesses or memes. We are encouraged to visually build or curate the profile through cover images, profile pictures and photo albums. Building, self-consciously, a picture of ‘me’.

This trend has, since the almost archaic days of MySpace, taken an upward trajectory towards the snowy peaks of Pinterest and Instagram, which through pinboards (aka moodboards) or albums allow us to communicate, purely on a visual basis, our tastes, style and interests. Therefore we all design and visually communicate with a purpose. But is self-affirmation enough of a purpose to warrant such considered design?

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