The NEOUS woman is wholeness made of parts, like the day stirring night to light. And this season evokes her cosmos––layered, changeable––at once sharp-angled, at once rippling. A deep exploration of sensuality and touch defines it, in the ripple and the fold of Phinia, Chondro, Chopsis, where Napa leather is crumpled cloth and in the Bardiela and Tuberola ruched heel boot.

The new collection is a union of transgressions and returns in the nuanced tonality and rippled Napa leather, and the signature details of the sphere heel in wood and plexi. It recalls the NEOUS woman’s multiplicity, her womanhood––hers is an exploratory and deep sensuality, what writer Audre Lorde speaks of as our language, our history, our dancing, our loving, our work.

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