For her third MARIEYAT presentation, Marie Yat turned her Shoreditch studio into a quasi-diving tank, complete with depth measurements and diving cylinders.

Photography by Nicolas Coulomb and Florence Tetier and casting by Leila Azizi

A diverse cast of models wore high-waisted briefs with eyelet reveals, twisted bra-strap tops, and streamlined swimwear—imparting shades of pool-tile white, ocean blue, and burnt orange. It was a modern riff on the Japanese Ama divers. Drawing inspiration from the skilled and strong female pearl divers, Yat calls on her own circle of women to achieve the collections—from PR, to casting, to music. An indifference to the concept of perfection feeds the overall aesthetic.“Not everything has to be in place. It doesn’t have to be symmetrical,” explains Yat. “That reflects my approach to the body.”

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