Women’s March on Washington

Photography by Angelo Pennetta
Photography by Angelo Pennetta

January 2017

Why did I march? Beyond the many obvious reasons for marching…

I marched because 2017 had to begin with something this momentous so that we seize the energy and positivity needed to not only endure, but defeat, the horror that 2016 bestowed upon us. We will have to fight harder than our generation has ever done before. The older generations will have to fight again.

I marched for my mother, who protested at Greenham Common and for many causes, big and small. If I had not marched, I would have done her a disservice.

I marched to see the feminist cause and female power swell and strengthen, and to really truly ignite feminism in me. The atmosphere of calm resilience, warmth and strength at the march was a wholly female one.

I marched for Edie, born December 2016, so that her future can be bright, boundaryless, and free.

I marched to stamp out my disengaged anger and make it something of positive action.

And what do I vow to do?

I vow to support my female friends and loved ones, colleagues and strangers so that they can rise and succeed in any way they can, with purpose and will.

I vow to act, protest and fight with words, through petition and lobby and by shouting about and promoting all the creative women who have succeeded and shine their light on us.
Women’s March website.

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